Blue Almost Black

by Blue Man & The Masked People

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released April 8, 2016

Jesús de la Torre Sánchez (Blue Man)
Rafael Marín



all rights reserved


Blue Man & The Masked People Granada, Spain

Jesús de la Torre, A.K.A "Blue Man":
Lead Guitar, Transverse Flute,
Bass Guitar, Keyboards,

Rafael Marín:
Bass Guitar, Keyboards,

Cover and cd label artwork conceived and illustrated by Mar Cortés.

Photography, cd design and final layout by Alba Merchán.
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Track Name: Sinking As I Fly
Yes I have seen the frightened ones
And I have been, on the dark side of the sun.
I´m a stranger, but I´m someone.
I´ve been waiting, but I haven´t asked.

There´s always something to understand
But in this moment, that´s... no fun.
Nothing is real? It´s not that bad
You are the wrong, you are the mad ones.

Yes I have seen, how this world burns
there´s a future where I am, the chosen one.
I´m not the crossed man, cause he is no one.
But I am sure that he never came to say what´s right

There are lights, that can be shadows
we live in this lost garden, so full of both
Everything is real, so try to swallow
that you are just a fool, there are no shadows.
Track Name: Always Here, Always Near
Frozen eyes across the sky
they are running over our lights
starting a new day, they start a new life

I´m trying to ask them how, how can I make it right
and without making any sense, are turning me to: "outside".
turning me, to outside.

You let the fire set me free
Yeah, but it burnt me
and as I saw the world away, it came near.
Now I can make it disappear.

I wouldn´t run from voices
I wouldn´t run from fear
And now they are always near, always here.
I wouldn´t run from monsters
I wouldn´t run from beasts
But now they are always here, always near.
I wouldn´t run from power
I wouldn´t run from peace
I wouldn´t run from masters
I wouldn´t run from me
Oh me... I wouldn´t run from me
Track Name: To Be Immersed
You know that you are doing something wrong
but at least you can´t find anyone
who can explain you why are you closing the doors
it´s never enough

Can´t raise your voice upon this worlds
by saying goodbye to all your lords
they are your faults.

Just focus, write on the paper
"Forgot, and implored:
Everyone, will kiss the floor, cause everyone, dies alone"

Here comes a "yes" between this "no"
there in your room begins the storm
you are your demons, but you are your gods.
It would be easier to fall,
but it´s said you will never cross that door.
So keep your hands far from the blood.

Immerse, in this ocean
Find, the way to breath
Everyone, says it´s enough
But you, you know they are wrong.
Track Name: Your Fingers
Let me be, in my sweet, my strangest place.
Or let me see, your wisdom through this words.
It´s so fine, to find the soul who never closes its doors.
Let me be, let me see
the shadows of your world
Let them burn, maybe I could run,
from all the planets we call "home".

I had never felt this way before
The way you breath, means that I´m not alone.

Let me float, from your fingers to the lightbulb
Let me know, if my lips turn purple when the haze is low.
It´s so strange, being someone who always looks to the floor.
Let me know, and I´ll let you know, where do you hide when you feel small.
I´ll let you float, then we will fall, where your sadness paints the stone.

I had never felt this way before, the way you laugh, the way I´m not alone
This tree is waiting, while growing strong
finding new places, where nothing is wrong.
Where nothing is wrong.
Track Name: Azul Casi Negro
Pero cómo me pides que yo,
que vivo tan cerca del suelo que ya no sé caminar,
cómo me pides que sea aquél que te salve del mal.
A ti, que te horrorizan las caras
sonrientes por encadenadas a un pasado fugaz,
que jamás volverá.
A mí, que no sé ni si existe un lenguaje
para cantar la verdad, nombrándola "libertad".
Libertad sin esperanza, manchada de vicios sin alma,
pero pura como aquella mañana
en la que se torció el plan.

"Cantar para", para crearte ficciones que puedas amar.
"Amar para", para venderte ilusiones que no puedes pagar.

Por qué siempre que tropiezas en tus sueños,
tan lejanos como el sol risueño que te hace bailar.
Por qué siempre vuelves con miedo
estrella azul de los cielos
templado lucero, dispuesto a estallar.
Entre artificios de dientes pequeños
entre sonrisas que suenan de hierro
aunque estás hecha de otro metal.
Que es tierno y resbaladizo por dentro,
pero fiero y seco, como el atrezzo mental,
del que no puedo escapar.

Ya solo quedan dos gotas de agua en tu infierno personal
y las que están en tus ojos, no se evaporarán.
Porque nadie, nadie las verá brillar en esta oscuridad,
y porque hay algo, hay algo de absurdo en los mundos que jamás conocerás.

Y tras el cuerpo inerte que algún día habremos de legar
tras la voz invisible maltratada por el alquitrán
tras el canto que trata de nada a la amada libertad
tras el atrezzo de plástico fino que hay que derrumbar.
Track Name: Solitary Bridge Man
Show now your holy contradictions,
you have been so long hiding yourself in fictions
drinking wine from rotten grapes
celebrating the night´s end.
Identity is not the kind of gift nature gives you,
you knew that the first time you encountered yourself in a mirror
but now it seems you have forgotten that pain
Now, just, please, remember your pain.

Solitary bridge man
living in his self-created nonsense
Solitary bridge man
Is this the last bridge you should cross?

I´m not trying to tell you anything you could not understand
Not trying to make you mine, or keep you under control
Just want you to go to the highest mountains, where gods are whispering softly:
"come to me, child of nothing"

Solitary bidge man
Living in his self-created nonsense
Solitary bridge man
Is this the last bridge you should cross?